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Is this your first race? Check out these Race Day Tips so you're ready to rock n roll!

  • Pick up your race packet early. You will avoid the last minute rush and give yourself more time to prepare for the race.
  • Don't overdress. A good rule of thumb: Dress as if the weather is 15 degrees warmer than it is. That's how much you'll warm up once you start running. If it's cold, you can always wear warmer clothes while you're waiting for the race to start.
  • Choose your Pre-Race meal wisely. Eat a small meal one hour before the race, if your stomach can handle it. Choose something high in carbohydrates and lower in fat, fiber, and protein. For example, white toast with banana slices is a great option!
  • Use the water stops. Take advantage of the water and sports drink provided at the stations. Also, it is a great way to thank the many volunteers who help make Vet Fest successful!
  • Bring your support team! Invite your friends and family to support you. Vet Fest course has many great spots for fans to cheer. Also, having fans at the finish line is a great way to push yourself at the end!
  • Aim to finish. Don't put pressure on yourself to achieve a really fast time for your first race. Finishing the race and enjoying the experience are great goals for a first-timer.
  • Share your story! Like us on Facebook and share your first race experience. Also, upload and post pictures of your race. Tell your friends and family about Vet Fest and encourage others to run/walk this race. After all, your participation in Vet Fest is what makes it successful and help the Reedsburg community!

Source:, Christine Luff, Sept. 17th, 2014