Weather & Cancellation Policies

"There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people." ~ Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike.

The Reedsburg Vet Fest Committee takes safety seriously. There are very few things that would cancel a race but in the likelihood of tornadoes, hail, lightning and other extreme weather, we approach Race Day with caution. We continue our normal set-up procedures and prepare for the race as usual. If a race is called, it is usually done right before the start time of the race and it's done at the starting location and not online. We understand the frustration of our runners showing up and then having the race canceled, but we normally cannot make a decision until the last half hour before the start time since weather can change so quickly. On race days with inclement weather, WE DO NOT POST CANCELLATIONS ONLINE.

Volunteers and staff should report as usual and be prepared to carry out their duties. We will decide at the race site if registration and/or packet pick-up will continue as scheduled.

Weather Policies

Rain will never stop a race so plan on running.

If flooding could cause hazards, the race will be canceled 15 minutes before start time.

LIGHTNING As a storm approaches and during a storm, there must be a continuous 30 minute period with no lightning strikes before the race will begin. The race will be delayed for up to 30 minutes, after 30 minutes, the race may be canceled. If lightning is a threat, participants will be asked to wait out the storm in their vehicles or they will be directed to one of the shelters on the property for safety.

WIND If an extreme risk of falling trees or flying debris occurs, the race will be canceled 15 minutes before the start, otherwise, the race will go on as scheduled.

HAIL The scheduled race start time will be delayed up to a half hour and then canceled if hail persists.

TORNADOES The race will be canceled immediately and runners should seek shelter.

EXTREME HEAT If heat and humidity combined pose a risk, we will cancel the race 15 minutes before the start, otherwise the race will go on as scheduled but with caution flags on the course and a chance of the course closing after the race starts.

EXTREME COLD If bitter cold poses a hazard, the race will be canceled 15 minutes or earlier before the start. We will post the cancellation online in advance of the race if bitter cold conditions are imminent.

SNOW Unless there is a large risk of injury, we will run in snow.

BLIZZARDS The race will be canceled and posted online in advance if the blizzard has already started, otherwise, the race will start on time if the snow has not started at the scheduled race start time.

We apologize to our participants for any inconvenience the weather may play in any of our events but your safety is our number one concern.

Cancellation Policies

Reedsburg Vet Fest and RunSignUp.com do not offer refunds in the rare event the race is cancelled or you are unable to attend.